Gamify Your Opt-ins and Skyrocket your 

Encourage your prospects to give you their emails by playing a lucky game!  The "Spin It To Win It" plugin features a wheel of fortune to win fun prizes. Of course, visitors must enter their email address first to play!

Say goodbye to Boring Opt-in Popups! Boost Your Opt-in Rates Instantly using Gamified Opt-ins!

Spin it To win it!

Gamified optins have been known to turn 2-3% conversions rates into conversions rates of 20% or more!

Define as many slices as you want.

You can add/remove slices, change the text, define winning chance and the result! No limits!

Configure each slice to offer different prizes.

Configure each of the wheel’s slices separately. Choose between a discount, credits, losing slice, or a link (to product/page/ebook/...)!

Configure the winning probability of each slice (in %)

Decide how often you want each winning slice to come up. Take full control over probability: decide which slice you want users to win the most. they win).

Show as a popup or inline.

Shortcode to display the wheel in any post, page or widget (not as popup, but directly on the page). Show/hide on certain pages.

Connects with your email platform.

SpinToWinReward plugin integrates with all leading autoresponders such as, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Getresponse, Mailchimp, DAP.

Zapier support

Connect each slice with a different list in your autoresponder (or add to same list with a different tag). Or you can integrate each slice with Zapier!

bring the addictive formula of casino-style games and prizes to your online business!

The wheel of fortune makes subscribing to your products and services so much fun! Most visitors won’t even know they subscribed until they see the confirmation email.

Capture your visitor’s email address while offering them a chance to win a prize by turning the wheel of fortune!

  • Each wheel can have as many winning and losing slices as you like. Each winning slice can contain a different prize.
  • Choose the text & color for each slice on the wheel including the winning and losing slices.
  • Connect each winning slice to a lead-capture tool. Add to same list with different tags (or different lists with different tags)!
  • Define wheel as popup or inline. 
  • Visitors must fill in their email to spin the wheel. You can display the prize information right there or redirect to a different page.
  • Prevent spam. You can also connect each winning slice with an autoresponder and send out the prize details in an email to the subscribers. This way you can protect your site from spammers.
To Win

Say goodbye to traditional popups! 

This plugin turns the opt-in process into a game, and it looks great too...

Offer a Lead Magnet

Want a fun way to offer your latest lead magnet? Turn it into a game!  Whether it's an eBook or a training, you can instantly increase your conversions by offering it with one of your winning slices! 

Offer a Coupon Code

Offer a limited-time discount! When users see that they have won a discount for a specific product and it's going to expire soon, it will lead to a purchase that you may not have had otherwise.

Offer a Free Trial

Struggling to get users to sign up for free trials of your product? Make it a winning slice! The sense of achievement that goes along with winning a free trial will increase your free trial signups!

Offer Free Consultation

Sometimes a one-on-one free 15-minute consultation is all it takes to convert a prospect into a buyer! And they value the consultation more when they earn it by spinning the wheel :-)

Offer Paid Course

Offer a paid course to increase the chances of people playing the game for a chance to get FREE access to your paid course! You an set winning % to a lower number for your premium products.

Offer Credits

This plugin also integrates with DAP's credit store system! Incentivize users to play the game by giving them points that they can redem for access to your products in your store!

Design beautiful wheels

This plugin comes with an intuitive customizer that will allow you to  quickly customize the wheel to match your theme.  From slice colors, text color, message, font, border, background color & image, everything is customizable!

Track your Stats!

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

This plugin comes with a full-fledged tracking feature. You'll be able to track:

  • How many visitors visited the page where you've the wheel active.
  • How many users signed up.
  • Your conversion rate.
  • Map View: see where (country) your users are coming from.
  • Track at wheel level to see which wheel is performing the best.
  • Search by page, wheel and date range.

Award Points

You can configure one of the winning slices to award points / credits to your users. If you use DAP as your membership plugin, credits will be added to their membership account. You can setup a credit store where they can redeem their credits.


Add some extra pop! You can display fireworks or baloon animation when  the wheel lands on a winning slice.


This plugin is GDPR-complaint. This means users from GDPR countries will have to check the box and agree to terms if they want to play the game.

Gamification is the Future!

Veena Prashanth

The industry standard opt-in rate is just 1.9%. If you are struggling to convert your visitors into subscribers and your subscribers into customers, you are not alone! 

But the good news for you is... help has arrived!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my newest plugin called SpinToWinReward! It will allow you to replace your traditional opt-forms with gamified opt-in forms and take your user experience and conversion rate to a whole new level! 

Gamification is not a gimmick. It works because it triggers real, powerful human emotions. Smart marketers use gamification to increase consumer engagement and influence consumer behavior. 

This plugin combines elements of play and game mechanics like points, urgency and other incentives, to affect user behavior and get them to take your desired action. 

Other comparable platforms cost about $30/month for similar features. The SpinToWin Reward plugin does more for less! No monthly fees! Be sure to watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at this plugin and I'm here to answer any questions you may have about this plugin!

Track your numbers!

The spin-to-win reward plugin turns lead generation into a fun game that your visitors will love because it gives them a chance to earn rewards by giving you their contact information

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